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Read Me First!

  • You or a loved one have just recently been arrested and charged with DUI.
  • You have a million questions.
  • What do you do now?
  • Who do you talk to?
  • Who do you turn to?
  • How is this going to effect your future, your life?

You are feeling really anxious and experiencing some or all of the following emotions:

- desperate

- sorry
- worried
- mortified
- uptight
- sad
- hopeless
- regretful
- confused
- guilty
- uneasy
- lonely
- scared
- ashamed
- nervous
- responsible
- embarrassed
- worthless
- terrified
- empty

OR, you could have a completely different mind set which includes feeling some of all of the following:

- innocent

- falsely accused
- victimized
- humiliated
- imposed upon
- blameless
- violated
- dishonored
- taken advantage of
- pissed off

You MUST take action to protect your rights as well as your future.

Immediately call the Law Office of DAVID ALAN DARBY to stand with you. We are professionals, experienced, reliable and aggressive in representing clients accused of DUI. We will answer your questions and fight for your rights. Hiring a qualified, top-notch DUI defense attorney is essential to a achieving a favorable outcome in your DUI case. We will aggressively represent and defend your rights.

Did you know the law says you are INNOCENT. That's right! As you read this, you are presumed to be innocent until such time as a judge, or a jury, finds you guilty or you enter a guilty plea. It makes no difference if you were drunk as a skunk, crashed into 3 police cars, had a blood alcohol concentration of .25%, the whole thing was videotaped and you confessed. You are still presumed innocent. The state has to prove you guilty. You do not have to prove your innocence. You are empowered with this important and vital federal and state constitutional guarantee.

Much information about DUI in Arizona is contained in this website. However, you will not get all your questions answered just by reading the contents. The best way to get information about your particular circumstances is to call us immediately. We will gladly speak with you about your case for free. You have options in your case that need to be fully discussed and explored. After you speak to us about your DUI case and get your questions answered you will feel better, knowing that you have the information you need to make the decisions necessary to deal with your case.

Now you must think about the future and how an arrest for DUI will impact your:

  • employment
  • relationships with spouse, children, and family
  • finances

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