• An SR22 is essentially a proof of financial responsibility and is required after many DUI convictions and license suspensions. When you get an SR22 in Arizona, the insurance company must notify the MVD upon cancellation of insurance. This is effectively an extra measure to insure that a driver who the Department deems to be of a higher risk maintains constant insurance. For ordinary insurance, the insurance company would simply notify the MVD in the regular course of business, instead of making a special effort as in the SR22.

  • In most cases, an SR22 will last for 3 years.

  • Most people want to know how much an SR22 requirement in Arizona will raise their insurance rates. This is a question best addressed by an insurance agent. As in any other consumer affair, we advise the aware SR22 consumer to shop around before deciding which price they will pay, and which company or agent they will choose.

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