• Our help and services are tough, experienced, battle hardened, criminal defense attorney who knows how to get results for his clients. Together we support 14 years of experience in municipal, city, town, justice courts as well as Arizona State Superior Courts and the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. He is also admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.  Practice is devoted to 100% criminal defense and he has handled in excess of 200 DUI cases.  Visit our website to read more about DUI and Criminal Defense in Arizona at

  • Unlike many other criminal defense attorneys, A DUI professional has NEVER prosecuted anyone on behalf of any governmental entity.  Many criminal defense attorneys take pride in their past accomplishments as former prosecutors often beginning their legal careers working for the government to put people in prison.  Now, they claim this experience somehow better qualifies them to represent you. They hope to convince you that somehow you are better off with a DUI defense attorney who was previously a prosecutor.

  • With all due respect to you, this is your life we are talking about.  Wouldn't you really prefer an DUI defense attorney who has ALWAYS been on your side, on the side of those accused of crimes.  A DUI and criminal defense defense attorney fighting diligently against those same prosecutors?  It is simply a matter of attitude.  A DUI professional has never been a city, county or federal prosecutor. 

  • A DUI professional is experienced and passionately committed to his clients.  He has represented clients in cases as serious as first degree capital murder as well as all types of misdemeanors in municipal courts. He will do everything possible within legal and ethical bounds to help you resolve your legal problems.  All cases are important no matter the severity.

  • A DUI professional is highly trained and experienced in DUI Defense as well as virtually all major felony areas including Capital Murder. A DUI professional's past successes include the following: Click on the hyperlinks to read the newspaper accounts.

  • A DUI professional has been the featured speaker on various local television and radio talk shows about DUI, the death penalty and capital murder in Arizona.  A DUI professional appeared as the attorney of record in several Arizona appellate court opinions.  Of particular note is State v. Toribio Rodriguez, 192 Ariz. 58, 961 P.2d 1006 (1998) where Mr. Rodriguez' convictions and death sentenced were overturned and a new trial ordered. 

  • A DUI professional is certified by the Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40  as an Intoxilyzer 5000 series operator and maintenance technician. 

  • A DUI professional's philosophy is "there are no hopeless cases" given the application of hard work encompassing investigation, legal research, and dogged perseverance. This philosophy coupled with A DUI professional's insight, knowledge and experience in the Arizona criminal justice system will stand with you in the defense of your DUI charges.

  • So when you are charged and confronted with a DUI or other criminal case, and you know that your are really in trouble, place your trust in the hands of a trusted advocate. 

  • When only the best will do, contact , Arizona DUI Defense Attorney (888) 620-0001.

You MUST take action to protect your rights as well as your future.

  • Immediately call the Law Office of to stand with you.  We are professionals, experienced, reliable and aggressive in representing clients accused of DUI.   We will answer your questions and fight for your rights. Hiring a qualified, top-notch DUI defense attorney is essential to a achieving a favorable outcome in your DUI case. We will aggressively represent and defend your rights.

  • Did you know the law says you are INNOCENT.   That's right!  As you read this, you are presumed to be innocent until such time as a judge, or a jury, finds you guilty or you enter a guilty plea.  It makes no difference if you were drunk as a skunk, crashed into 3 police cars, had a blood alcohol concentration of .25%, the whole thing was videotaped and you confessed.  You are still presumed innocent.  The state has to prove you guilty.  You do not have to prove your innocence. You are empowered with this important and vital federal and state constitutional guarantee.

  • Much information about DUI in Arizona is contained in this website.  However, you will not get all your questions answered just by reading the contents.  The best way to get information about your particular circumstances is to call us immediately and arrange an appointment. We will gladly speak with you about your case for free.  You have options in your case that need to be fully discussed and explored. After you speak to us about your DUI case and get your questions answered you will feel better, knowing that you have the information you need to make the decisions necessary to deal with your case. 

  • Now you must think about the future and how an arrest for DUI will impact your:

    • Employment

    • Relationships with Spouse, Children, and Family

    • Finances