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2006 Arizona DUI Law Update - Arizona DUI Defense




4-241. Selling or giving liquor to underage person; illegally obtaining liquor by

underage person; violation; classification: Judicial discretion in suspending the license

of an individual convicted of knowingly selling, giving or serving a minor alcohol with a

maximum of 30 days for first offense and 6 months for second or subsequent offenses.

Excludes parents or guardians of a minor child in their home or as part of a religious

service. Chapter 268 (HB2115)




28-1321. Implied consent; tests; refusal to submit to test; order of suspension;

hearing; review; temporary permit; notification of suspension; special ignition

interlock restricted driver license: Provides for individuals whose license has been

suspended for refusal to submit to a blood alcohol content test or whose driving privilege

is revoked for certain DUI offenses may apply to the MVD for a special ignition interlock

restricted driver's license in order to drive to and from work, doctor's office. Also makes

changes to IID requirements. Effective February 1, 2006. Chapter 312 (SB1240)


28-1382 and 5-395. DUI Assessments, DPS Equipment, GITEM: Creates additional

assessments that are non-waivable by the court for DUI and OUI convictions. $500 first

offense and $1,250 for a second offense within 5 years. Extreme DUI, $1,000 for a first

offense and $1,250 for a second offense within 5 years. Aggravated DUI $1,500. Refusal

to provide test sample is subject to a civil penalty of $500, motor vehicles only, not

watercraft. Proceeds are deposited in the state general fund. Appropriation to the Dept of

Public Safety from the general fund, $3 million for flak jackets, stun guns and other

safety equipment. Appropriation of $3,897,400 from the general fund to DPS for the

Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM). Chapter 307 (SB1160)


28-3511. Removal and impoundment of vehicle: Creates mandatory requirement for

law enforcement to impound the vehicle of any individual driving on a suspended or

lacking a license (from Arizona or any jurisdiction) in an uninsured vehicle.

Discretionary language for impounding vehicles of drivers with suspended license (only).

Creates increased mandatory penalties from $250 to $500 for a DOSL first offense; $500

to $750 for second DOSL offense; $750 to $1000 for subsequent DOSL offenses.

Chapter 113 (SB1420)


28-3511. Removal and impoundment of vehicle; immobilization of vehicle: Upon

arrest of a driver of a vehicle for extreme or aggravated DUI or a driver under 21 that has

been drinking an alcoholic beverage, officers must remove the vehicle and either

immobilize it or impound it. An exception is provided if the spouse of the driver is

present, has a valid license, is not impaired by alcohol, and represents to the peace officer

that the car will be driven only to the driver's home or to a place of safety. Regulations

governing duration, notification, early release, charges, etc. that currently pertain to

impounded vehicles are extended to immobilized vehicles. Effective October 31, 2005.

Chapter 313 (SB1254)

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